Quality Assurance and Complaints Handling

Quality assurance

E-Oz has a systematic approach to assuring quality in all aspects of the products and services it provides.  Specifically, the following mechanisms are in place to ensure quality:

  • A quality management system including documented policies, procedures, systems and plans against which all staff are trained.
  • A document control system that ensures projects, tasks, documents and other records can be managed systematically and records accessed as required.
  • Australian Government approved document and data security protocols and back-up systems.
  • Processes to ensure feedback is collected from a wide range of stakeholders on a regular basis and that feedback is collated and analysed to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Quality improvement processes to ensure identified opportunities for improvement are considered and appropriately acted upon.

Feedback and Complaints Handling

E-Oz strives for excellence and considers continuous improvement processes integral to its ongoing success. The organisation considers all business outcomes and processes to be an opportunity to learn, reflect and improve.

Self-reflection and evaluation play a key role in the organisation’s quality assurance system and all staff and contractors are encouraged to regularly reflect, evaluate performance and make recommendations for improvement.

Clients and stakeholders are invited to provide their feedback on any aspect of the organisation’s products and/or services at any time.  Feedback can be provided in person, over the phone or in writing.

E-Oz collects formal and informal feedback in the following ways and uses findings to gauge performance and identify opportunities for improvement:

  • Evaluation surveys about a client’s experience with the services provided by E-Oz during or upon completion of a project or engagement
  • Feedback/Complaints provided informally through written or verbal correspondence
  • Complaints provided formally through written correspondence
  • Formal Client Evaluation surveys completed annually

E-Oz’s ISMAA management team considers all feedback, complaints and recommendations for improvement made by any stakeholder. Recommendations, or an alternative strategy for improving the business area, will be implemented if the improvement is considered viable and where the recommendation is considered to be an improvement to current practices or outcomes.

In regard to this ISMAA project, E-Oz has made available a complaints form for completion by those wishing to make a formal complaint.  This form can be accessed here.

Upon receipt of a complaint the following procedure will be enacted:

  • Contact the complainant within 10 working days of receiving the complaint and propose a resolution or provide a contact person who will undertake further investigation. Continue to liase with the complainant until the complaint has been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction. If this process does not resolve the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction, the services of an independent external mediation agency will be engaged.