NWDF Case Study: APA Group

APA Group – WorkSkills

The purpose of this NWDF project is to support the professional development of APA Group’s existing workforce through the provision of training and qualifications to support the continued operation and management of gas transmission and gas network assets across Australia.

Additionally, the project has facilitated the establishment of a formal strategic partnership between the RTO Swinburne University and APA Group. This partnership allows for the timely identification of training needs and the professional delivery of skills, competencies and qualifications for APA Group employees, to support the ongoing growth and development of the organisation.

Given the current significant growth in gas related construction projects across the east and west coast of Australia, where requisite skills are complementary to that of APA Group’s workforce, APA Group is seen by other potential employers as having a ready pool of skilled labour from which to ‘poach’.  This trend has become evident with the loss of staff, particularly in Queensland.  The ongoing professional development of staff is viewed as one of the positive strategies aimed at maximising staff retention.

This APA WorkSkills NWDF project builds on the training and development currently undertaken and is valued by APA Group.

Project Statistics:
Australian Government        $80,369
APA Group                              $156011
Total NWDF Investment       $236380