NWDF Case Study: Jetco

CSG, LNG & Mining -Specialist electrical skills

Specialist Electrical Skills for the Queensland CSG, LNG and Mining Industries:

This project focuses on the up-skilling of electrical workers currently in the broader Queensland construction industry specifically for the construction phases of the Coal Seam Gas, Liquified Natural Gas and Mining industries in Queensland.

It is estimated the CSG/LNG industry in Queensland will grow to an estimated 5000 workers by 2020. Among the identified areas of skill shortages in this sector are Instrumentation Technicians, Electricians with Hazardous Area skills and expertise, Occupational Health and Safety Advisors and, Trainers and Assessors.

Electrical Instrumentation and hazardous area training are delivered as post trade qualifications (ie; Certificate IV), where electrical workers are required to hold a Certificate III Electrical (trade) qualification and relevant licence prior to undertaking the program.  In some cases, an electrical worker who already holds a Certificate III qualification and licence, may also undertake training in Instrumentation at the Certificate III level, thereby achieving a dual Certificate III qualification outcome.   To address the existing and future skill needs of the sectors, this project incorporates delivery of both the Certificate III and Certificate IV Instrumentation qualifications and the Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas qualification for licensed electricians currently working in the broader Queensland construction industry.

Training is delivered in a blended format combining face to face training, industry projects, industry supervision, on line learning and RPL/direct credit where relevant. Training is offered to existing electrical workers who seek work in the construction sector, particularly within the CSG, LNG and mining industry sectors where there is currently a very high level of demand.  To this end, training will be delivered primarily in the regional areas of Queensland.

JETCO Electrical Contractors/Employers:

The nature of electrical work across the construction industry means that most is contracted out to small to medium sized electrical contractors/employers. JETCO is the training fund for electrical contractors in Queensland who contribute funds on behalf of their employees within the construction sector. These contractors will provide employment for electrical workers working in construction, including the construction phases of the CSG/LNG and mining industries.

Under the JETCO fund, if an employer is a member of the Construction Industry Redundancy Trust fund (CIRT) and they also contribute to the JETCO levy (a training levy prescribed in collective agreements), the employer or eligible employees are entitled to a scale of subsidies for approved industry based training.

Project Statistics:

Australian Government      $925,074
Jetco                                      $455,634
Total NWDF Investment     $1,380,708