Welcome to E-Oz Energy Skills Australia

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is the industry’s declared Industry Skills Council for the energy sectors, including;

  • Electrotechnology
  • Electricity distribution, transmission and rail
  • Electricity generation
  • Gas Transmission

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is an independent, not for profit, bipartite company committed to supporting high quality training and workforce development within and beyond the energy industries.

To ensure Australia’s energy industry has access to a highly skilled and effective workforce.

To provide the services, products, support and advice necessary for the development of highly skilled and effective energy industry workforce.

E-Oz Skilled Migration Pathways Industry Statement

The industry endorsed skilled migration pathway and process for Skilled Migrants (excluding New Zealand qualified Electricians and Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanics) under OSAP and TSS is Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Pathway 1. 

Specifically, this pathway involves candidates:

  1. Successfully undertake a OTSR skills assessment by a TRA approved RTO;
  2. The successful completion of the nationally accredited GAP training course (including supervised workplace experience captured by eProfiling) in Australia by an E-Oz licenced GAP training RTO;
  3. Then issuance of the full Certificate III qualification which allows an occupational licence to be issued by the relevant State or Territory regulator. 

This process is the result of many years work between industry and TRA and was developed, endorsed and continues to be supported by the following key industry stakeholders:

  • ERAC
  • ETU
  • NECA
  • ARC
  • TRA

Skilled Migrants should be extremely cautious about undertaking any pathway or process outside of the industry approved process. Unless you are a qualified New Zealand Electrical and/or Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanic and/or licence holder migrating to Australia. 

Any migration pathway resulting in the issuance of an Australian Qualification or occupational licence that does not involve steps 1-3 above, is most likely against regulatory requirements and training package rules. Australian qualifications in the Electrotechnology sector must be delivered in Australia, under appropriate electrical licensing and sufficient on the job exposure gathered in Australia.

NOTE: Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition agreement New Zealand electricians and Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanics migrating to Australia are subject to alternate arrangements. 

News and Announcements

New Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Minimum Australian Context Gap Course

On the 4 February 2021, the new Course in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Minimum Australian Context Gap (10878NAT) became current replacing the equivalent course 10146NAT.

RTOs previously licenced to deliver the expired course 10146NAT must immediately cease to advertise or represent the course as being nationally accredited within the AQF and/or a VET qualification will be issued upon its completion.

To find out more about the renewed course 10878NAT, please visit the ‘OTSR’ tab at the top of the home page.

New Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials Course

On the 3 March 2020, the renewed Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials course (10852NAT) was accredited with ASQA and came into effect. 

To find our more about this course please visit the ‘ASBESTOS’ tab at the top of the home page.