Government Projects

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is the Industry Skills Council for the Electrotechnology, Communications, Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution, and Gas Supply Industries.

E-Oz draws on widespread industry networks and engages with stakeholders to:

  • provide integrated industry intelligence and advice to Government and Industry on industry’s workforce development and training needs and innovative solutions for addressing same;
  • actively support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of high quality training delivery and assessment resources, workforce development products, programs and services, and;
  • support industry to meet its workforce development needs with appropriate training solutions and support services.

In light of the above,  E-Oz works closely with Australian and State Governments to realise key policies and industry workforce development and support initiatives.  Historically, E-Oz has assisted Government in the implementation and management of the following key Programs:

  • Australian Quality Training Framework (incl. National Training Packages)
  • Enterprise Based Productivity Places Program (EBPPP)
  • Critical Skills Investment Fund (CSIF)
  • Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL)
  • National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF)
  • Industry Skills Fund (ISF)
  • Apprentice to Business Owner (A2B)