Please find below answers to some commonly asked questions:

  1. Do Electrical Regulators recognise the OTSR?

    Yes! An OTSR is a nationally recognised form of documentation that provides entitlement for a provisional license. All state and territory regulatory bodies have agreed for OTSR to be accepted as a form of ‘entry level’ license

    Licensing and registration is a state based responsibility in Australia and there are different titles for provisional licenses used in different states (for example Electrical Work Permit in Queensland, ‘L’ license in Victoria)

    For full license / registration (will vary depending upon regulatory / licensing body):
    gap training
    work experience

    The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) have agreed to work towards a national licensing system to remove inconsistencies and allow easier mobility of workers between states and territories.

  2. Does the GAP training have to be done in Australia?

    Yes! Australian Electrical Regulators and Industry have insisted that this be the case, so if there is any complant against an RTO delivering the Gap Training it can be addressed asap by the Electrical and RTO Regulators.

  3. How long is the practical experience required in Australia?

    Practical experience is a mixture of both time and competency, which is partially captured by ‘eprofiling’ to the satisfaction of both the RTO issuing the Qualification and the Electrical Regulator, which is nominally 12 months.